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Every client has different needs - every matter has different factors. Some circumstances require diplomacy and a negotiated settlement to avoid damaging an important relationship. Sometimes a matter requires pre-emptive Court action followed by aggressive enforcement proceedings. We regularly trace debtors and offer bespoke debt collection solutions tailored to all of the circumstances and can advise on the full arsenal of enforcement action should they be needed. On the otherside of the coin, we advise many clients on liability when being chased for debts they dispute; negotiating or fighting as necessary.
Negotiation &/or Mediation
Sometimes a disagreement or dispute can be dealt with by the parties getting together in a neutral setting, to consider many different angles. It may be that an independent 'expert' is needed, it may be that different points of view can be shared and a compromise agreed. Please get in touch to discuss the options.
Commercial Disputes & Civil Disputes
It's a fact of life. The more business you do, and the more agreements you enter into, the more chance there is that one of those 'deals' may end in a dispute. It is human error... it's economic factors... indeed, a disagreement can errupt in almost any circumstance; whether it is between individuals or businesses. Such matters need not end up in Court and we advise on a wide variety of ways a difficult situation can be resolved quickly and cost effectively.  
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