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                                    ..providing expert legal advice on debts and disputes
Our services
Dominic Hirst & Co Solicitors are specialists in litigation and dispute resolution; whether it be a simple debt or dispute, or complex commercial dispute involving multiple parties, we act for individual clients and businesses large & small advising on a huge range of contentious situations.
Overdue invoices, debt collection, supply & contract disputes, professional negligence, shareholder/director/creditor issues, construction, bank hedging and interest-rate swap disputes... we provide cost effective advice to solve the problem. No job too small, no situation too complicated.

Our ethos
We understand that no one wants to have to go to Solicitors to chase a debt or resolve a dispute. In fact, Dominic Hirst hasn't always practiced Law and knows all too well how frustrating and time consuming it can be in business to be 'owed money' or fall out over a contract.
Most don't want to spend time and money fighting...(There are always exceptions)... however, we do not advise any client to go to Court if a matter can be resolved through more agreeable means. This legal practice aims to provide the most cost-effective solution to 'the problem'. Sometimes it is aggressively pursuing a matter through the Courts. Sometimes it's negotiation.
Whether a client is an owner-operator, or a large company, we provide a personalised, tailored service thats suit our client's needs and budget. 
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